The word "Bienvenue" is French for Welcome. Not only is Welcome the company name, it is also the company goal. Each of our customers will enjoy the chauffeured limousine experience, but with taxicab costs. The customer service etiquette of our drivers will make you feel welcome, because after all, that is the company name. Let us drive you to your destination today and you will not want to ride in a taxi or expensive limousine again.

AM Dispatcher (1100-2130)

PM Dispatcher (2100-0730)

Relief Dispatcher  (0700-1130)

This position must be able to multi-task by answering phone calls and inputting data into the dispatch screen. In addition to answering the phones, the dispatcher must make call outs to the customer, emergency calls, and sometimes wake-up calls. The starting pay for this position is $3 per dispatched call, after 3 months $5 per dispatched call, after 1 year the option of $8 per hour or $8 per dispatched call.

This position can be a work at home position, because the dispatching software is web based. The ideal candidate should have high speed internet access, a PC, tablet, or laptop with a Chrome browser and a reliable phone to answer calls. In certain cases, the dispatcher will be required to drive when there are no vehicles available or if a supervisor is needed on the scene. 

The Dispatcher is the Supervisor to all the drivers and not a member of management. To apply, send an email to [email protected] with position title in the subject line and an application will be emailed to you promptly following a preliminary phone interview.

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Sedan Driver 

Shift A 0100-1130

Shift B 0900-1930

Shift C 1700-0330

This position must be able to pay attention to details, follow specific instructions, be a team player, and must have strong communication and customer service skills. This position is fast paced and very essential to be available regardless of the weather. The Sedan Driver must keep his/her vehicle clean and ready for fares at all times. The driver must adhere to the company dress code or wear a company uniform shirt. Before shift, driver must place magnetic signs on the front doors of the vehicle and return them to base at the end of the shift along with the association fee. All the details will be provided during the preliminary phone interview. The vehicle must have 4 doors with working heat, AC, windows, and no cosmetic damages.

The pay for this position is in cash and based on 10 to 22 minimum charge rides because fares vary, however the driver is paid daily by the fares collected. To apply, send an email to [email protected] with Sedan Driver in the subject line and an application will be emailed to you promptly following the preliminary phone ingterview. A copy of your driver license and vehicle registration should be attached to the application when you return it. Please note: Falsifying any information on the application will result in immediate termination and possible restitution for any fares collected while employed under false circumstances as a judgement in a court of law.

Don't have your own vehicle? Lease one from one of our partners at: or or The rates are very low and the fares you collect will help the lease to pay for itself.

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Administrative Assistant

 $9 per hour

This position is part time and works 3 days a week on an alternating schedule. First week is Tue, Wed, Thu, and the second week is Sun,  Wed, Sat. the hours are 10am to 4pm. To apply for this position, please make an appointment with one of the owners.

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