The word "Bienvenue" is French for Welcome. Not only is Welcome the company name, it is also the company goal. Our customer satisfaction comes with a guarantee. Our guarantee is to arrive within 18 to 25 minutes or less to pick you up or we discount the ride. Each of our customers enjoy the Bienvenue Experience and you will too, again, and again.  

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The Bienvenue Fleet

Our Fleet currently consists of all 4 door sedans with spacious legroom, headroom, and trunk space. We inspect our vehicles 4 times a year and take pride in keeping the vehicles clean and safe for each and every customer's experience. The fleet is steadily growing with the help of the customer reviews and comments. 

We will soon be adding minivans, passenger vans, mini buses, and wheelchair accessible vehicles to our fleet in the near future. 

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The Bienvenue Drivers         

In a pool of drivers, there are categories such as qualified, better qualified, best qualified, and most qualified. We strive to only seek drivers in the most and best qualified categories.

Our Drivers are safe,friendly, well-groomed, uniformed, CPR/ First Aid Certified, AED Certified, DOT Certified, and trained by us. Part of our training is to stop at all railroad crossings, yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, and provide the utmost customer service to our customers with a smile. In fact, until a driver has passed OUR training, they cannot start driving our customers.

Our Drivers are  licensed through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Public Service Commission, Maryland Department of Transportation, and are part of a National Safe Drivers Campaign.

Lastly our drivers are trained in conflict resolution, de-escalation techniques, and the Bienvenue Experience which furthermore makes our drivers unique when compared to the average taxicab driver or Uber and Lyft drivers.

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The Bienvenue Experience

What is the Bienvenue Experience? Our Signature Experience is greatly appreciated by our customers and is what we epitomize as excellent customer care. For example, our drivers will assist you in and out of the vehicle, to and from the curb, and will wait to see you in the house before pulling off. We offer more than just a ride, but an experience of feeling welcome and appreciated, but even that doesn't explain it.

By making sure each vehicle is clean, it looks and feels like you are the first customer of the day. The spacious legroom and  headroom, so no more holding your breath to fit into a small box or an overall bumpy and uncomfortable experience (ride).  A driver that takes the  passenger's needs and comments into consideration to the smallest of details such as the temperature setting, but it's more than that.

You can think of it as a Customer owned business tailored to your satisfaction, yet exceeds your expectations.  The experience is so unique that we can't put it into words and is so remarkable that it defies belief.  A belief that only this company can provide, but just don't take our word for it. The best way to understand it is to experience it for yourself. 

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