The word "Bienvenue" is French for Welcome. Not only is Welcome the company name, it is also the company goal. Each of our customers will enjoy the chauffeured limousine experience, but with taxicab costs. The customer service etiquette of our drivers will make you feel welcome, because after all, that is the company name. Let us drive you to your destination today and you will not want to ride in a taxi or expensive limousine again.

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Senior Citizen Medical Appointment Transportation

This service is offered to our patrons that are 58 and over that need transportation to their medical appointments and a return trip home. It is paid by their healthcare provider or discounted if paid out of pocket. Compare our rates to that of our competitors and we will always stand out as the more affordable and most reliable choice.

Airport and Hotel Transportation

The other part of the company name is Express. We are prompt, efficient, and reliable. Unlike Blue Van,  Go, or Super Shuttle, we do not take your time for granted. We understand the need to be early for check in and security. For that reason, we do not pick you up from the hotel and make additional stops. Our goal is to pick up the group from the hotel and leave for the airport. Our rates are better than you can imagine. Inquire when you book your next flight. In addition to airport transportation, if you need transportation while staying at a Maryland Hotel, we will provide services to you that can be billed to your room and also discounted as a guest under our tourism program.

Student Transportation

Tired of running to catch a bus that arrives 2 hours before school just to arrive at school 20 minutes late? Afraid of the unsafe drivers, dangerous buses, or bullying riders? Don't worry. Call us. We will pick you up for school, leave from school for after school programs, pick you up from the after school programs to take you home, and do it all again the school day. This can be done for a small, inexpensive, flat rate that is based on distance. All drivers have passed an extensive background check and child care check, but we will also place an aide in the vehicle with your child for that added peace of mind to parents of middle school aged children and younger. This option has an additional cost for special needs and high school children.

Sedan Services

Our sedan services our more reasonable than Lyft and more affordable than Uber. Our standard rates have a minimum charge up to 12 miles and a minor increase for a distance of 13 miles or more as low as 50 cents. Get a quote from us for each call. You will know the fare prior to the trip so there are no shocking surprises.

The Signature Experience

Our signature experience is so unique that we can't share it on line. It is so remarkable that we cant put it into words. The best way to understand it is to experience it for yourself. There is aromatherapy, neck massaging pillows, easy listening music, and so much more that gives each passenger that retreat feeling with limousine comfort.

Our Guarantee

We have a standard in this industry to be neat, clean, and on time. We ask each guest to take the time to fill out a survey card or complete a Google review online. Our guarantee is to arrive within 25 minutes or less (30 min. max) to pick you up. If we take longer, we will call you with the updated time to give you the option to wait or call another service. If you choose to wait, we will offer you a discount credit on your next trip equal to 20 cents per minute that you waited beyond the 25 minute guarantee.

The Bienvenue Fleet                                         Bienvenue Drivers         

Our Fleet currently consists of just Sedans. We will soon be adding minivans, passenger vans, mini buses, and wheelchair buses to accommodate our patrons requiring a wheelchair lift. We inspect our vehicles 4 times a year instead of our competitors that do annual inspections, if any at all. We pride ourselves in keeping the vehicles clean and making sure that each ride feels and looks like you are the first customer of the day. Our vehicles are spacious in legroom, headroom, and trunk space, so no more holding your breath to fit into a small box and be uncomfortable for the ride. The fleet keeps improving by taking the passenger's needs and comments into consideration. You can think of us as a Customer owned business, because each ride is tailored to the specific details of the customer needs even down to the temperature settings in the car. 

Our Drivers stop at railroad crossings, yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, are licensed through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Public Service Commission, and are part of a National Safe Drivers Campaign. We employ only the best and most qualified drivers that practice what we preach with regards to safety, courtesy, and customer satisfaction. Each driver is also well groomed, neat in appearance, trained in defensive driving, first aid/ CPR , and the Signature Experience. In fact, until a driver passes OUR road test in mastering how to perform the chauffeured experience, we do not hire them. That is to say, we do not put them on a job for our customers until they get it right. We have mystery riders that ride with our drivers to make sure that the drivers are providing this experience consistently and most efficiently each day, night, whether rain or shine.  Lastly, our drivers are unique in a way that you will not find when dealing with a taxicab driver or Uber/ Lyft drivers, and that is, excellent customer care. We assist you in and out of the vehicle to and from the curb. This is much appreciated by our night customers as our drivers wait to see you in the house instead of abruptly pulling off. You will have to experience for yourself to get that great feeling of Bienvenue (Welcome) that our drivers provide. 

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